All for the King

Chapter 0 - Introductions

Save the King

Chapter 0 – Save the King

We join our adventurers as they meet for the first time in the city of Delmar. They have each been called to the home of Baron Cienne. Each individual received a summons via courier asking them to meet the Baron about a most urgent matter, and each has arrived. Led into seperate parlors, they are taken aback and startled when the exotic walls retreat into the ceiling, revealing that they are all in one large room, divided into sections by false walls. After a rough introduction, they quiet to see Baron Cienne lowered into the room on a rotating pillar. He always did have a flare for the dramatic.

After a few moments, the Baron addresses the group.
Barron: “Good evening. I thank you all for coming; I really appreciate your humoring me. I have an uncomfortable situation that I cannot attend to personally, in part because I am an old man who is not built for rough travel, and in part due to the quiet way in which this must be handled. I need you to retrieve something for me from my family home to the East.
My dear sister Sephine has remained there and kept the place in it’s aged glory. But recently there was an attack made on the estate by unknown assailants. Now our precious things are left to brigands and I cannot bear them to be ripped from their home and defiled by raiding parties. Travel with these papers to my sister’s attendant Erin in Paladia and she will inform you of the finer details. You must return my most-precious valuables to me. That is all I ask of you. On the table you will find a some compensation for your troubles to help outfit and prepare you for the journey ahead. Should you have any other requests, I am confident that Delue can accommodate you. Now, I must retire as the weight of this catastrophe has made me weary, please feel free to stay and discuss, but don’t delay too long. My attendant Delue will show you out when you are ready. Thank you for your good works.”

After some questioning, the Baron reluctantly reveals that it is his two twin nephews that he wishes returned to him. They are after all, the young heirs to the throne, and the only royal blood left alive. He implores you to bring them back to the safety of Delmar where they can be properly protected until the army can re-take their family home.

The heroes are offered half their pay now, and half when they safely return the twins.



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